Thursday, March 8, 2012

Visual Project 02: Ideas

I'd like to create a response to Martha Rosler's video Semiotics of the Kitchen, but I'd like to reverse roles and attribute my look and actions to the "typical male" or the idea of the role of men.

This video will take place in the sculpture studio, and I will be dressed in what a man might wear and will be using power tools.  The style of video will be the same.  I will recite which tool or machine I am about to use, and then I will use it.

In order to get into the "manly carpenter" role, I will wear a plaid flannel shirt, jeans, and work boots.  Martha Rosler gets into her role in the beginning of her video by saying, "apron" and then putting one on.  To get into my role, I'm considering saying, "moustache" and then drawing one on my face with marker.  I will also speak in a deep voice in order to seem more "manly." I could either speak in a deep voice to begin with, or I could manipulate my voice as Laurie Anderson does in 01.

Remina offered to film my video, so I think I will take her up on that.  I got positive feedback from my group.  We had an extensive conversation about how the roles of women and the feminist movement have overshadowed the role of men.  As a generalization, men are not supposed to be sensitive, do not cry, and are protectors.  This video is meant to show this idea of the typical "man," and will be as ridiculous as Martha Rosler's video of the "typical woman" so that people realize that this role is, in fact, absurd.

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