Thursday, April 26, 2012

Studio Project 03

On Wednesday, my 5 suite mates and I marked our daily route with glitter.  We had to drop glitter outside of each building we entered, outside of each classroom we had class in, and on designated points along the path such as the bell tower and DPC, as well as anywhere we saw another's glitter.  This project was meant to identify the similarities and differences of the routes taken between the three different majors that live in our house: Art, Biology, and Psychology, as well as mark the differences between the two Psych majors and the three Bio majors.  We all use a fraction of the space that is our campus; sometimes our paths cross at the same time, and sometimes we miss each other.  Our glitter served as a visual marker for where we've been, the space we've occupied, and as a marker for whether we've been there before or after somebody else.

Reading: Relational Aesthetics

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